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Financial Five February 20th, 2009

This week’s collection of five financial stories that caught my eye on social news site Afternoon Rally and other spots around the web.

  1. A fellow blogger faces the job hunt: One Frugal Girl says she’s searching for a new job. I wish her luck!
  2. Can you make money online? Free Money Finance says you can make money blogging. Fake Steve Jobs says he couldn’t, but Copyblogger says you can, if you know how.
  3. More Money, More Problems: Bank of America boss Kenneth Lewis was issued a subpoena, according to the Wall Street Journa,l over their purchase of Merrill Lynch.
  4. Can you make it on 60 grand? This family is and MSN money outlines their story.
  5. Job Search 2.0: The AP’s guide to finding work in the internet age

Times continue to be tough. I’m not job hunting, but I am not making what I used to. I took a 20% pay cut when I had to find a new job this year. I’ve written about wage stagnation before, and that brought to mind something awful. I make less now than I did in 1999. It’s a fact. Sure, I write software and it was the “internet bubble” back then, but I thought after a decade, I’d at least be back to where I was.

The fact is that I’ve kept my skills sharp, but have never made as much as I did then, even in the best years. Outsourcing has hurt, but I also believe that our last period of growth was fueled largely by bad banking and the growth was as much a mirage as a reality.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments below…

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